back to article What should mySociety do next?

The founder of mySociety is calling on Reg readers to suggest future projects for the organisation to pursue. It has run similar competitions twice before which resulted in WriteToThem - an easy way to contact your MP, MEP or councillor, and WhatDoTheyKnow - which now accounts for one in ten Freedom of Information requests. …


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  1. Paul Charters

    Hey Guys!

    I'm outta ideas! Give me ways to make money!


  2. Lionel Baden
    Thumb Up

    i like these people

    they actually make usefull goverment sites !!!

  3. Steve 18

    Run for government

    Failing that, have them appointed as a parliamentary watchdog - OffTrough.

  4. Robert E A Harvey

    GPL Education

    I'd like to see genuine educational opportunities - a bit like the OU, but open source. or like the education offered by evening classes from organisations like the WEA.

    People who have skipped, or been denied, formal education are often working too hard at low paid jobs to have time to try again. But there is often a few hours a week they can devote to all sorts of displacement activities on the internet.

    What about a collaborative education system, where people with suitable qualifications could create small scale teaching material, run seminars, hold closed forums with students and other teachers only admitted, and award small scale certification? Once that was established, then a higher layer could be provided where someone with, say, a dozen of these units under their belt could do a bit more work and glue them together to gain some sort of formal qualification?

    Along the way, those in a teaching capacity would also have demonstrated knowledge and commitment and communication skills and would also be entitled to some sort of formalised recognition.

    It would matter not if the government were involved or not, as long as users and employers both recognised the outcome as worthwhile evidence of learning, effort, and commitment.

  5. Cliff

    mySociety works

    I have no immediate ideas, but faxyourmp and theyworkforyou actually got me seeing parliament as something relateable as opposed to distant and irrelevant.

    How about working on aggregations with FOI info?

  6. Lionel Baden
    Thumb Down

    @paul charters !!

    Great you broke my elReg !!!!

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