back to article Internet Archive orders Google to delay culture grab

Google says it believes in pushing for federal legislation that would lay down the ground rules for digitizing so-called orphan books. And the Internet Archive wants the web giant to put its pending orphan monopoly where its mouth is. After Google book scanning guru Dan Clancy told a Silicon Valley audience that orphan works …


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I'm with Kahle

Brewster Kahle (founder, is an interesting guy, I saw him talk at an NTK (I miss you NTK!) do years ago, and the man is a true altruist. I totally support the effort and I do hope this makes a difference.

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New problem caused by greedy publishers

Is "greedy publishers" redundant? In any case, it used to be trivial to see if a book was out of copyright: Copyright was dated from the date of first publication (well known) and/or the date of the authors birth (shown in the front for just this reason).

It was extended to 70 years after the authors death, to give more money to the rights owner.

But the date of the authors death is seldom known at publication, and seldom appears on the front-piece of new books.

Which means that in this system, you can never tell when a book is out of copy-right by looking at it, creating the new catogory of books of unknown status.

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