back to article Virtualization security – oxymoron or perfect partnership?

So far in this series we've looked at where virtualization is at, and where it's going in terms of both benefits and operational challenges. Like many newly adopted technologies, the law of unintended consequences comes into play – virtualization will undoubtedly be used for a raft of previously unimagined things. Similarly, …


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"While the hypervisor may provide an additional, securable layer, the downside is that if the hypervisor (or indeed, the management tool overseeing a number of hypervisors) is compromised, then the virtual environment can be left wide open to attack."

Yes, that is most definitely so and then one would need to consider whom one would rather be in Control of InterNetworking Power Flows, the Monkey Hypervisor or the Organ Grinder...... both of which are easily Controlled with Currency but Only one of them will Work at Full Potential with All Points Covered and Secured, and Trapped 42 Trip AIVD* in ZerodDay Temporal Applications requiring Zero Money Supply.

* AIdDutch Mutual Intelligence Entangled String Meme ... Advanced IntelAIgent Virtual Defence with Pretty Good Privacy in PerlyGatesPython CodeXSSXXXX [4PGP2CodeXSSXXXX....And yes, it is for the really dedicated and fully committed TelePortation Goon/Right Royally Spoiled Rat/Sprat/Brat/Twittering Twat.

"But as we discussed in a previous article, the level of knowledge and experience around managing virtualization is currently quite low." .... Is that currently quite low yet to be formed/phormed, John?

"What virtualization brings is an additional layer, which itself needs to be secured, managed, operated." ... Err, excuse me, but the additional layer[s] that virtualisation brings are Geared and Oiled and Penultimately Designed to Replace Moribund Intellectually Bankrupt Executive Board Room Administrations with Remote Proxy Virtual Controllers ...... Leading A.N.Others. To Imagine that they would do anything less is to expose oneself to naked ambition/SMARTer aggression unprepared.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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