back to article Nortel gets the nod for enterprise networking sale

The Canadian and US bankruptcy courts have approved the auction process to sell off Nortel's enterprise networking division. The green light offers some hope for Nortel staff and customers. It means stalking horse Avaya will pay $475m if no other bids appear. Interested parties have until 4 September to get their bids in. …


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And the rest? Meridian Norstar voicemail system? Optical networks?

What about the Meridian Norstar voicemail system? This is a brilliant voicemail system - so easy to use, context sensitive touch-tone operated audio menus, operable from any phone. For example:

"You have one new message"

"To hear it, press 2"

How simple...

Instead of other crap voicemail systems:

"You have one new message"

"To record a message press 1, to do this press 2, to do that press 3...oh and by the way if you actually want to hear the new message - press 4"


"Remember: 1 for yes, 2 for no"

"You have one new message"

"Would you like to hear it?" FFS WHY do I have to remember! La-de-dah "1 for yes 2 for no" ... silly nursery rhyme song

And when you've heard it, you have to go through loads of other questions to escape the menu system before hanging up, usually resulting in 2,2,2,2,2,2 responses i.e. no, no, no.... as otherwise if you hang up before properly exiting the menu, then the phone still flags the LED as being new voicemail.


all the PBX and back-end vendors are screwed

The problem with big companies like Nortel is that they die, but the corpse disintegrates over several years, like a beached whale.

So, I'm working as an IT mercenary for two companies of 100 seats in the same building with the same ILEC.

The first company buys a Meridian system: $1,000,000

The second buys an Asterisk system with a paint job called Switchvox. $100,000

The difference? The VP of IT at the first company got a cruise for his family. The second company got a system that can actually run 100 seats.

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Nortel BCM's should be allowed to die

@PushF12 - Seriously I couldn't agree more. Multiple call centers to manage, initially all on Nortel BCM's - slowly switching over to a more responsive system (Shore Tel) 2 down, 3 more to go..

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