back to article Ethernet switch sales pounded by falling economy

Every part of the IT ecosystem has been slammed by the economic downturn, and the Ethernet switch market is no exception. In fact, makers of Ethernet switches are probably feeling a little bit of déjà vu after the downtown that followed the bust in 2001. According to a report put out by network box and adapter counter …


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My ethernet switch has a failing power supply, it didn't want to start last time. So I might be in the market for a new 16 or 24 port unit to replace it. Any supplier got any good deals, seeing as it's a buyer's market? :-)


simple, drop the price and sell to the MASSIVE SOHO markets

its not rocket science, simply, drop the price damaticllly and sell on mass to the MASSIVE SOHO markets, and while your at it finally put out several 2,4,6 and 8 gig SOC etehrnet chipsets to these same MASS SOHO users wanting to get into 10Gbit home Lan.

there are new wireless options coming up soon that blow current 1Gbit ethernet out the water with real 3 ,5 and 6 Gbit data throughput, and YOU OEMs have been slacking and resting on your antiquated lorals for far to long, evolve or die.

its not like your average end users would not buy the things if they were actualy made available at reasonable price, and actually delivered the throughput, and supplyed a generic windows "binded" driver set for the lowest to the highest device so you can finally buy several and link them over these cheap SOHO 10Gbit and better routers, it just makes sence in this downturn, help yourselves and help the wider World consumer marketplace too...


not suprising?

having seen that most of their verts have already got fully switched (either 100mbit or 1gig)

comms rooms what can the new switches offer? models over 2 years old from the big players already do DHCP protection, 802.1X and NAC and happily switch IPv4 and IPv6 - the only new 'play' is new green technologies... but even most of that function can be scripted with SNMP or TCL to turn ports off or down to 10mbit overnight when systems are sleeping/standby

what we need? silent, cooler running switches with higher density and 10gbit uplinks along

with proper ARP protection etc - but at distribution prices rather than aggregator prices

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