back to article Toshiba Satellite A350-12J

If you like your laptops nice and shiny, Toshiba's new Satellite A350-12J will go down a treat. Not only do you get a glossy black chassis with a lid that's surprisingly smudge-resistant, but the keyboard is also coated in the stuff. It's not something that will appeal to all tastes, and we found it felt very odd to type on. …


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Makes an expensive practical joke, but buy it for someone who hates finger prints and has OCD.

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That'd be me then... Feel free to send one whenever you like :)


This model highlights why we always buy Tosh

solid, reliable, dependable hardware.

Yeah, it's not gonna win any speed awards, but chances are it won't give your sysadmin any nasty suprises like the truly awful Atheros wifi cards, that refuse to connect until AFTER the user has logged in, and only using their 3rd party software, or some bleeding edge nic that isnists on trying to use IPv6 on your IPv4 lan, or some power management feature that completely breaks when you downgrade to XP, or a screen so "slimline" the user will break it within a week.

Sony and Apple, go stand in the corner of shame!

Despite its looks this is a corporate lappy, and as such has been built with tried and trusted hardware. It'll make the user feel special without breaking the bank, or causing further hairloss for your over-stressed sysadmin.

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