back to article HPC CIOs drifting into clouds

Platform Computing - a pioneer in grid-style supercomputing - is trying to figure out how to make a living in this cloud-computing racket, so it's asking potential customers what they're up to, cloud-wise. The company is keen to keep itself relevant as computer architectures continue to evolve not just inside the high …


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Pathetic Excuses hide Intelligence BlackHole/IP Black Op Opp.

"Anyway, 26 per cent of those polled said that the complexity of managing a private cloud was a barrier to adoption, and 21 per cent said security was an issue ..."

A non existent problem easily solved with the Engagement of Private and Cloudy Security Experts.

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As a software engineer, this whole cloud thing pisses me off no end. The current batch of "cloud" offerings are nothing more than a minor increment on the old paradigm and a major rebranding con job being perpetrated on their customers. Any CIO who falls for this bullshit is a gullible moron.

Unfortunately there is more money to be made in promising the next minor increment will be the one to solve all problems, than in actually solving all problems (or at least that is the perception).

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