back to article Analyst cops feel of Apple's iTablet

Apple’s iTablet will appear in shops this November, according to a mystery analyst who claims to have already touched the much-rumoured device. The “veteran analyst” described the device as a slate-style computer that impresses with its display of HD video content, Barron's, the US financial magazine, reports. “It's better …


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Too big

Here's my opinion:

10" is too big. This thing's going to be a big as my 2133 (thinner maybe), so I might as well take the 2133 and get a full OS and a keyboard. I'd want a 6-7-inch screen at most.

$699 will translate to £599. For an iPod Touch on steroids. No way.

I tolerate the limitations of the Touch's OS because of the size. On a 10" screen I'd expect a proper OS that can run a proper browser, proper mail client, and stream audio in the background.

But then the iPod section is probably the least used bit of my Touch, so I may not be the target market anyway...



Yeah right...

"although Apple has yet to finalise the tablet’s design, the firm aims to unveil the device next month and launch in November".

Yeah right - finalise the design, plan the mass production, and produce in two months... sure.


If its running full OS X then Yes !

If its only running ipod/iphone software then its useless in my books

running leopard on the other hand it becomes nice and powerful

spose it all depends on the cpu/gpu combination, I suspect it will be pretty underpowered but if the rumours of HD playback are to be believed then its gonna have to be better than an Atom :-)

Jobs Halo

Gimme, Gimme, gimme!

Enough with the rumours - just build the damned thing!

Gates Halo

Oh Goodie!

Am I the only one who wants a tablet device of similar form and size to the thingie-mah-jigg that the crew on the enterprise used on star trek: enterprise?

Bill, because the enterprise probably runs windows for warships.

Anonymous Coward

@Oh Goodie

"Am I the only one who wants a tablet device of similar form and size to the thingie-mah-jigg that the crew on the enterprise used on star trek: enterprise?"



@Adrian Taylor

The Atom is perfectly capable of HD playback with the Ion chipset - see the Acer Aspire Revo for one example.

Gold badge

Weird price point

I don't believe that Apple will do anything like a full OSX tablet without pricing in line with other Macs. That's £1,600/$2,000 at least... At that price I doubt they'll sell many more than the PC manufacturers have.

Anyway for that money I could have the Motion Computing J3400 - which is as close to the classic HP/Compaq tablet that I can find. Everything else is too heavy, as the manufacturers all now insist on a fixed keyboard, taking the weight into the 1.5kg range, rather than under a kilo, which is a lot more comfortable to hold for long periods. My current HP tx2000 was £650 and is a full (if slow) PC, but I'd ditch it in a heartbeat for something of a similar price where I can take the keyboard off.

Another option is the Always Innovating touchbook. Now finally shipping, but the software is still in beta.* $300 with detachable keyboard, linux, lots of battery life, $200 without keyboard.

A giant iPod Touch with a bit more of an advanced OS, access to the iStore, a decent browser, and the alternative of a stylus for handwriting recognition would be wonderful. Who's really going to use a tablet for anything other than reading, internet, diary/addresses and the odd short note? Not many, and they can get what they want for sufficient cash. GPS would be very nice to have as well. Plus USB for 3G dongles.

However, $800 seems a bit steep for a big iPod Touch, given it's limitations. Something like that at $500-$600 would be wonderful. For $800 I'd want all the bells and whistles above. Come on Apple, my credit card is waiting.

* Dear Reg Hardware, please, please, please can we have a review of the Touchbook, as this could be brilliant, or a horrible flop - and I'd love to be told rather than shell out the cash and find out the hard way.

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