back to article Revenue U-turns on carousel carbon trading

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs said that from midnight last night all trades in carbon credits will be VAT-free, because of fears that carousel fraudsters, who usually fraudulently exploit computer chips and mobile phones, will target the trade. Carousel fraud or Missing Trader Intra-Community fraud occurs when goods are …


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And we thought Carbon training was a fraud


Was that not our immediate reaction to Carbon trading - a trade in the right to emit Carbon Dioxide involving links to spurious rights to emit foregone elsewhere. So I pay someone else not to emit some Carbon dioxide they weren't going to emit anyway and by the way who is checking and how? In return for that I get the right to emit more Carbon Dioxide and no one has to think about simply reducing emissions. Its the magic of the market.

It is analogous to the recently reported Gershon savings through IT in government. There is scant basis for the claimed savings, Oh! fancy that, we hadn't noticed that the savings were manufactured by reference to implausible opportunity costs in the first place.


If only

Now if the carousel traders could figure a way to do this with income tax, maybe the revenooers would have to drop that flawed scheme as well.

Big Brother

Getting away with murder Part 2...

"The tragedy is that most people seem to think that this gang of thugs actually protects us from foreign gangs, when the reality is that they are only interested in protecting their own interests and expansion plans."

Now we hear that this major crime family has decreed that it is ok for its "friends" to come and sup with them some more.

There is a significant difference between trading in mobile phones or computer chips and "carbon credits"... the first is open to every Tom, Dick or Harry, whilst the second is only available to large international corporations. Companies involved in say, the sale of electricity to householders are big enough to qualify, whereas the bloke that sells papers down at the newsagent doesn't, even though he would be quite capable of running a covert business in mobile phones.

Meanwhile, said electricity company can switch off its supply for three days and leave the punters in the dark and not a word is said.

NB. This was probably just a test run for what is likely to happen when, in or around 2015, we are totally reliant on (so-called) renewables because the EU (the big daddy of international crime gangs) has forcibly closed down any conventional (ie. reliable) form of power generation.

It is all part of the ongoing scheme by "the family" to control everything and everyone.

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