back to article SAP spins out optimistic outlook as Q2 sales fall 10%

German business management software maker SAP saw its second quarter total revenues drop 10 per cent compared to the same period a year earlier. SAP reported total sales for the Q2 period ended 30 June of €2.58bn, compared to €2.86bn for the same quarter a year earlier. Despite that decline, the company raised the outlook for …


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Good !

Possibly the most awful software I've had the misfortune to use. The interface makes CLI look like the iPhone. Let SAP feel the pain that I have had to using their nastyware

SAP - Sodding Awful Program


Ah SAP...

... the only piece of software that makes Lotus Notes look good.

On the plus side you can sack all those expensive database developers.

On the down side, you'll have to retain said developers as 'SAP consultants'

Bravo... for a saving of exactly $0 you have now replaced a nice, lean, bespoke database system which you controlled with a god awful abomination of a UI which your employees will despise and will in all probability take your whole business down the crapper,

At least the head of IT got a free set of steak knives.


Please let them go down the pan...

I have had the misfortune to use still having therapy.

A nice alternative is a decent design covering DB schema, business logic layer and a nice app on top!

I have met with multiple project managers at some mega bluechip corporations who have said that implementing SAP was a nightmare. Over budget, overly complex, over here.

Trying to crowbar existing business processes into sap's way of thinking is an extraordinarily time consuming and very expensive part of a sap implementation.

The GUI is laughable. I used some BBC Model B software back in the 80s which had better examples of how to design a decent GUI! But of course "they" say you can customise it, build your own interface blah blah blah. Er...yes....with a truckload of sap consultants at $1000+ per day (supplied by the likes of the usual suspects).

Actually, thinking about it......$1000 a day!? Where do i sign up? ;)

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