back to article ARM doesn't lose self and leg

Chip designer ARM Holdings has posted declining profits and revenues for the second quarter of 2009. But its outlook for the coming year is, yes, cautiously optimistic. The Cambridge company - whose chip blueprints are used in Apple's iPhone - saw an 18 per cent year-on-year drop in revenues and a 26 per cent profit drop. …


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Golly Gosh

Wow! ARM IP is used in {gasp} an iphone. I am so totally underwhelmed.

How about a brief mention of all the kool {ack} stuff that ARM totally owns, instead of a silly little trinket.


Try to walk round your home/car/workplace without bumping into at least a dozen bits of ARM kit.




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Silly article

Bah! USA Today could have done this better.

Used in iphone. They're used in pretty much every cell phone and most smart phones etc will have multiple ARMs (main CPU, phone module, GPS, wifi module,..). ARM are also used in all kinds of kit unrelated to phones.

Chip designer: No, they design cores, not chips. Chip designers that the ARM designs and glob them together with other IP to design chips.

Blueprints: Nobody has done chip blueprints since the 80s.

I guess I could have politely forced myself to laugh at the ARM + leg pun if a four year old had made it.

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It's already been said, but

I'd just like to join the gang saying that's a pretty rough article.

If ARM lost the iPhone business overnight, ARM would hardly notice. If the iPhone lost its ARM overnight, the future iPhone would be a bit stuck.

ARM-based products that I regularly come into contact with do not include any iPhones but do include PDAs and smartphones and a first generation non-Psion "netbook" (Jornada 720), cable/DSL routers, Ethernet/serial gateways, etc etc etc. Probably also in set top boxes, PVRs, and other consumer electronics.

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just needed to metion the Iphone.. pretty much

Need to mention iphone to keep the hits up... that simple

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