back to article O2 unveils small biz landline to mobile link

O2 is launching "Fixed Number Anywhere", which allows you to automatically reroute calls made to a landline to a mobile phone. Small businesses often rely on mobile phones to keep in touch with customers. But new customers are often more trusting of businesses which are run from a landline number. A landline number also makes …


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  1. Steve X

    Sounds phishy to me...

    So let me get this right. We have all the Ofcom rules about numbering schemes so that we know what sort of number we're calling, and suffered years of renumbering to make everything fit the plan, and O2 are now assigning geographic numbers to non-geographic equipment? They may dress it up as a call-divert approach, but unless the landline number actually terminates on a landline phone belonging to the user, in a real building, they're simply flouting the numbering scheme rules.

    I divert my ofice phone to my cellphone for my convenience, but the number still really belongs to my office. The O2 approach is a con.

  2. RegReaderInLancs
    Black Helicopters


    How does this differ from call divert?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "O2 said that it was the first major mobile operator to offer the service in the UK."

    To offer this *exact* pricing scheme yes. However, Orange offered the same service (landline to mobile routing) with a different pricing structure some time ago. I believe it's now withdrawn.

  4. Dan Harris

    Don't get it

    The first mobile operator? Definitely not the first operator to offer a call diversion facility!

    We have the same system, and our 0207 number costs 99p a month, the calls when diverted to our (O2 & Vodafone) mobile phone group cost 12p a minute.

  5. Richard C.

    Already in place

    @Steve X: The numbering scheme is to enable end users to know, roughly, how much the call will cost.

    I've had this setup running with Gradwell for a while - I've got 2 geographical numbers (0116) which are redirecting to my o2 mobile. Callers pay for a standard landline (01/02) call, Gradwell charge me around 10p per minute for the redirection (plus around 3 pound per month per number) - plus I can also redirect it "at will" from Gradwell's site, send directly to voicemail (via email), or to an IVR system.

  6. Apocalypse Later

    So deception basically

    Um... that's it.

  7. Antony 2
    Paris Hilton

    Does anyone remember

    Follow me numbers?

    Paris, because she would never leave her phone behind.

  8. Jeff Bradshaw
    Thumb Down

    If they could keep their existing network up they might get more uptake

    I'm roaming with o2 at the moment, and apparently there is a network issue preventing roaming since last night, great, stuck in the middle of nowhere and I cant even call my family, thanks o2....

  9. Duck

    Doesn't Vonage offer the same service as well?

    With their simul-ring call-diversion (that's call forwarding to us in Canada).

  10. James Hamilton 1

    Hmm.. Vonage!!

    Yeah, Vonage offer exactly the same thing - my missus and I can do the same thing and it'll ring at the same time at home, and on both our mobiles.

    The difference is that this actually terminates as a 'line' in my house - ok, it can be moved to anywhere with an internet connection, but it is effectively a landline.

    A landline number that doesn't terminate at a fixed place that doesn't often move shouldn't be allowed, imo.

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