back to article VMware not immune to the downturn

Server virtualization juggernaut and Wall Street darling VMware is by no means immune to the economic downturn or to the effects of the transition to its new vSphere 4.0 products, as its financial results for the second quarter show. In the quarter, which ended June 30, VMware's software license sales fell by 19.8 per cent to …


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AI .... your Flexible Friend

"VMware is sitting on $2.27bn in cash" ..... Hell, that means absolutely nothing meaningful nowadays, except maybe telling everyone that they are stalled in their IP development [Intellectual Property], because trillions in cash are being invented and are sat on to give the impression of progress and resolution of a Legacy Intelligence Problem ...... that which has the Banking System at Lead Systems Controls rather than them just rewarding Lead Systems Controllers.

It is not impressive to be cash rich whenever it identifies one as being Intellectually Bankrupt and Devoid of Future Constructive/Destructive Plans for Driver Seeding and Feeding/Phorming and Husbanding/Sowing and Reaping. The Military is always cash poor and that is why Future Destructive Plans has been mentioned, although that is the Self-Destructive Suicidal Route for any Program, whether State or Non State/National or International ........ and InterNetionally, it is, when being Kind and Generous, the Ignorant IT Folly of Arrogant Fools, and when being more Forthright and Critical, the Arrogant IT Folly of Ignorant Fools, for it does nothing except create SMARTer Enemies with Beta Tools.

Virtually Beta Tools and Drivers, which mountains of cash would be admirably well used to purchase/lease lend/rent.

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