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Wyplay is a French company that’s aimed its Wyplayer directly at users of the Gallic equivalent of Freeview – TNT HD – but who also require media player functionality. It is, in essence, a high definition Personal Video Recorder combined with a media streamer, in a single box. It may offer everything the average Frenchman needs …


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Very interesting

As a dual tuner PVR with DVB-T, its definitely of interest. The remote is actually attractive- I nearly got tossed out of a Sony shop at the weekend when I went around counting the number of buttons on their latest remote (46)....... Why companies imagine their remote controls have to resemble a prop from the original 60s series of Star trek is beyond me!!!

Its a bit rough and ready- a little bit of software tweaking would go a long way.

If I didn't already have the Western Digital Media Player- I'd be saving my hard earned cash for one of these- unfortunately the price tag is a bit too rich for my blood as is.......



It's a shame it's not really suitable for the UK market and that there are problems with the GUI, because the box looks nice, the GUI looks nice, and would provide the exact functionality I want - dual TV recorder unit with media playback (mostly MP3s and DivX) functionality.

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£350 is quite steep

For less than that I built a HTPC - it's a dvd player, twin tuner pvr (with the lovely windows media center or any interface of your choice), full internet access (not just youtube), will play absolutely everything thanks to VLC.

For little over £200 more I added a top of the range gfx card (ATi3870 at the time) and blu-ray/hd-dvd combi drive and now have a full HD entertainment centre capable of running high-demanding games.

It's so simple to use the girlfriend can manage it and thanks to S3 sleep support switches on in a matter of seconds.

Remote control isn't an issue either, if the windows media center remote isn't up to the task than the wireless keyboard covers the base.

Noise from the box is non-existent either due to cpu cooling using a 16dB rated fan and two 120mm case fans on the lowest of three rpm settings.

Of course if you want less functionality and zero upgradeability you could always buy one of these dumb boxes.


Too expensive!

For the same money I got a PS3 with PlayTV (dual tuner) and swapped the HDD for a 320GB one. It does all of the above, plus blu-ray and gaming. Think carefully about this one, people!

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