back to article IBM upgrades DS series by the numbers

References to a mysterious IBM storage array are popping up across the web. Is this the hardware refresh of IBM's flagship DS8000 storage array line? The first reference we spotted was from Freddie Sanchez, a firmware engineering guy at IBM in Arizona. His LinkedIn entry reads: "I develop and maintain embedded software for the …


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IBM under Stealthy Pressures.

Methinks then, there may be some DS8007 Code lines Entangling their Programs and launching Renegade Projects beyond their Present Currency of Controls. The NEUKlearer and Present Danger is that such Controls and Power will Naturally Default to SMARTer InterNetional Property Portfolio holders should the Fact and Facility be Studiously Ignored and/or Denied.


Chris is right

Chris is right, the DS8700 is P6+ based and looks neat with its green stripe.

Also, the DS47 is EOL and will be replaced by the DS50XX.

SVC 5.1 will most probably come a little later and bring integrated MDG rebalancing.

AC, obviously.

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