back to article Data Domain doubles up dedupe speed

Data Domain has added a 4-socket quad-core processor set-up and produced a top-end DD880 box with double the performance of its old range-topper, reminding everybody why EMC and NetApp fought so hard to get it. The DD880 has twice the performance of the previous top-of-the-range DD690 and achieves it by having a 4-socket quad- …


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Gary A

Why no mention of FalconStor?

FalconStor has the reputation as the industry's fastest enterprise VTL/Dedupe. Combined with the fact that you can put it on top of any one else's storage (whereas Data Domain's enterprise solution is NOT a gateway and you are stuck with their junk disk) why wouldn't they be apart of the conversation? EMC uses a pared down version of FalconStor's VTL.

Anonymous Coward

Like a Ferrari?

So it could do with new drivers and is rather prone to failures, such as catching fire?

Anonymous Coward

Enterprise solution without HA?

So this monster enterprise solution from Data Domain is fast but missing HA capability? A Ferrari without brakes?

Brian Shillair

Your Article Posted on March 9th, 2009

Falconstor/Sun wins speediest dedupe race

The article mentions an ingestion rate of 11,000 MB/s, which I believe is 39TB/hour. Your Data Domain article mentions an ingestion rate of 5.4TB/hour

"The ingest rate of 5.4TB/hour is faster than any other backup/dedupe controller product, whether they do inline deduplication, (as Data Domain does,) post-process deduplication, or no deduplication at all."

This topic is closed for new posts.

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