back to article HP hoovers up IBRIX

HP is buying IBRIX and its parallelised, scale-out file-serving software for an undisclosed amount. Privately-held IBRIX is a competitor in the clustered NAS space alongside Exanet, Isilon, NetApp, with ONTAP GX, and Panasas. It was founded in 2000 by ex-Yale University maths professor Steven Orszag. The idea was to speed I/O …


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  1. Bill Neal


    IBRIX: not the best name for a tech company

  2. Chris Mellor 1

    Did HP pay more?

    Sent to me by a reputable but anonymous guy: The $80-100M number feels low. With Ibrix HP secures more of the pie in net revenue and garners even more control with some big HP accounts, ones with good annual growth rates (even AOL which has quietly become an online storage provider to many big players in the Internet services industry). HP also does a land grab in some high profile EMC accounts, possibly large European utilities. If you factor some of this thinking in ... something close to 180-200M seems more plausible.

    That seems entirely reasonable.


  3. mursini

    Did hp pay more?

    Quite the contrary. I would believe hp paid less than what the VC's put into the company, considering the size of the customer base, and extrapolating what their annual revenues were.

    Ibrix was an 8 year old company with a claimed 175 customers?... Ibrix would be lucky if they were picked off for $40M.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Why buy IBRIX when you have Polyserve?


    1. screw the competitors: buying IBRIX as a definsive move. Possible, but an expensive way to do this. However, how nice to give a slap down to EMC, Dell and IBM in one single move.

    2. Polyserve doesn't work the way it's meant to, or doesn't scale. Plausible

    3. IBRIX has some key customers that HP needs access to and these are the keys. Also plausible

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