back to article Sony whips up fresh Walkman players

Sony has unveiled a pair of new "entry-level" Walkman music players. The E440 series sports a 2in, 320 x 240 LCD display and is video-capable, playing back MPEG 4 and H.264/AVC files copied across from... iTunes. Yes, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Sony Walkman E Sony's Walkman E: Clear sound, apparently The 9.3mm-thick …


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Why do they make mp3 players any more, the likes of Sony etc. then they allow you to use itunes?

I'm not a fanboy of apple. but come on its is one of the better legal methods of getting stuff onto the ipod iphone etc.

I know you can buy the cd's and rip them. i never used to buy audio tracks as i used the free internet radio just to listen, but got bored, but since getting my ipod touch then the iphone 3g. I have got loads from itunes...

Steve icon, he may be the Devil but the shit works well


re: Why

Why? because Walkmans sound considerably better, they are build considerably better, and they aren't DRM laiden like the iPods are.

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