back to article Ofcom clears decks for WirelessHD

UK regulator Ofcom is removing the licence restrictions on intra-home video links knocking 66GHz, as well as allowing the use of automated level measuring and precise positioning though radio technologies. The decisions come into force on Friday (17 July) following an earlier consultation which produced only three responses. …


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Expert advice needed please

"..At that frequency wall penetration is going to be out for everything but the flimsiest structures, so think set-top-box-to-TV-screen rather than anything more interesting."

66GHz has a wavelength of about 5mm so I assume that any use of readily available co-ax cable is out. Could you use a length of copper pipe with a small directional collector horn at each end if you wanted to go from living room to bedroom, etc? A three foot length of copper pipe would be enough for the journey from corner of living room ceiling to a bedroom corner TV table, for example.


Not an expert but...

HDMI leads have been reported to work upto 15 metres without trouble. I can't see the point of introducing a waveguide when you can easily carry the video information at baseband.

The motto when I worked for a (now defunct) Wireless Broadband equipment manufacturer was: Copper is good. You know where you are with copper

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Set top box to TV?

You could just use a cable...or would you rather sit in a room flooded by microwave radiation.

And for the pedants among us -


Ooooh Nooo;s....

is my tinfoil still gonna work ?????

if not then im breakin out the old Microwave oven and stripping out the Klystron and drivers, remounting them in thier own sheilded box and will start nuking the neighbours tv's, dect phones, and AP's.... at whim

nuke me and ill nuke u back.....

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@"Pointless" commenters

How about if you have a wall-mounted flatpanel TV and don't have space underneath it for a set-top box?

This way you could have the set-top box mounted, say, under the sofa (which would be rather practical with some DVD players- you'd not have to walk across the room to change DVD). Now with a single set-top box this may not seem like much, but if you had a sleek wall mounted TV and had to then find space for an XBox 360, PS2, HTPC, Wii, SKYHD box and whatever comes along in the future... well, you'd probably appreciate having these things tucked neatly away under a coffee table or whatever rather than piled up at the bottom of the wall. And the huge bundle of cables could be condensed down to a single wireless link and a multi-input switcher.

Plus, as it's broadcast radio, you could have a wireless digital link to your speakers rather than running cables/fibres (which can look really messy).

Alternatively it could probably pass through a thin wall with a receiver and transmitter blutacked to the wall itself (i.e. with bugger all distance between them) and this could be preferable to drilling holes in walls in rented accommodation.

And there are probably 1001 other uses no-one's even thought of yet.

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