back to article Hitachi catches up with new 2TB drive

Hitachi GST has built a 2TB drive, according to online drive retailer J&R. The HD32000IDK7 is a 2TB 3.5-inch SATA Deskstar drive spinning at 7200rpm and priced at $269.99. It's not yet available, but is said to be coming soon. The current maximum Deskstar capacity is 1TB. Western Digital's 2TB Caviar Green desktop drive has …


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Why bother

what does it matter who's 2TB drive is sucking up the least wattage, they are all under 10W these days (green/energy efficient ones anyway).

I've got an 800W PSU in the back of my PC, the watercooling tower gets too hot to touch. The energy wastage isn't in the drives is the vast quantities of heat that performance components (CPU/NB/GPU) put out.

When it comes to disks we should be interested in how much they can hold and how quickly they can deliver it.

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