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You may have noticed how often these days IT vendors talk about "building a business case". They want to furnish you, the IT pro, with the info to persuade sceptical business unit managers, or B.U.M.s as they are sometimes known, to buy their stuff for the good of mankind. Let us put to one side the notion that this is perhaps …


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The Bruce Schneier quote... far as I'm aware should be read in the sense of "We have insecure apps because the insecurity doesn't affect the people who wrote the app. All the costs are externalised."

If HP (or any other vendor who wants to quote him "approvingly") really has the capacity to change the legal framework that foists all the costs onto the victim, then I think that's a major news story. If they then choose to use their new-found lawmaking powers to foist those costs onto themselves rather than their customers, that's a HUGE news story.

But if they are simply quoting a respected expert out of context in order to flog some more tat, that's not news. That's business as usual.

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