back to article US docs claim world record musical-kidneys game

Topflight doctors in America have claimed a world record for "the first eight-way, multihospital, domino kidney transplant". The multiple organ-swap involved four hospitals, almost a hundred medical personnel, eight donors, eight recipients and sixteen different kidneys - many of which latter made transcontinental journeys …


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Top marks to all involved for pulling it off successfully and helping 8 people at once.

I often wonder why organ donation isn't an opt-out system, apart from religi-tards I don't know anyone who objects to the process.

Register at, it's not asking much!


Most important question is:

who gets the frequent flyer miles for the transcontinental trips these kidneys are making?

* the donor,

* the donee, or

* the courier



@ AC

"I often wonder why organ donation isn't an opt-out system, apart from religi-tards I don't know anyone who objects to the process."

Because, why should I give for free something that has taken me a lifetime of loving care and maintenance? I take regular exercise, I don't smoke, don't drink too much, eat a careful balanced diet. The arrogance of the State such that they think they can claim ownership even in death. Now if there were a sweetener in the form of a payment to my nearest and dearest maybe representing somewhere near the amount the health service would save by saving someone from a lifetime of dialysis - then I may consider. Otherwise MY meat is reserved for burial in MY garden to benefit MY roses.

The sheer impertinence, the lefty-pinko-communist thought process that says that just because someone "needs" something they can have it forcefully removed from my dead body. Most transplant recipients have a lifetime of medication anyway. So it's not like joy and laughter and sun ever after - just even more drain on the overstretched NHS budget.

Well, here's the thing. We're all gonna die. Some people sooner than others. That's just the way it is. If you don't like it take it up with God. Heaven forfend that my liver could end up in someone like George Best. What a yellow, jaundiced waste of space.

And we have to assume that all transplant doctors are angels. Who's to say that they don't have a vested interest in declaring someone dead who's maybe just feeling a bit peaky. How many people can benefit from one person's death? I'm not sure, but I heard that by the time all the corneas and other bits of gristle are taken into account it can be as many as 20. What's one life to save 20?

So, why not do like they do in China - harvest from the prisoner population?



I rather hope that Kidney donation does remain opt-out because you don’t necessarily have to be dead to donate one.

Of course once I’m gone your welcome to anything that still functions properly.

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@Anonymous Coward Posted Thursday 9th July 2009 14:33 GMT

> I often wonder why organ donation isn't an opt-out system, apart from religi-tards I don't know anyone who objects to the process.

I am not a religi-tard and I am signed up as an organ donor however I certainly object to the idea of it being "opt out" because it is my *CHOICE* to donate.

The State should not get to decide what happens to my body at ANY time, allowing this sets a dangerous precedent.

Anonymous Coward


In some countries it is. In an opt out country participation is far above 80%. In opt in countries participation is less than 40%. And this is even between countries near each other and very similar cultures. Humans just go the easy way and go with the default most of the time.

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"Justin Case"

Ignoring the fact that yours was no doubt a piece of satire, why should there be a problem with an opt-out system? You still have the ultimate choice over what happens to your body, the only difference is that the default choice is simply assumed to be different, and organs are far more useful in saving someone else's life than they are fertilising flowers.

The idea that medical professionals would let a badly injured person die just because the organs might come in handy... well that's just paranoia isn't it?

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