back to article Google Moon to go 3D

Google is likely to announce a new 3D view of the Moon in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing on July 20. The Mountain View Chocolate Factory announced plans to hold a press conference that day in Washington, DC to discuss "a very special announcement about the newest addition to Google Earth." …


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  1. Tim Brown

    Where're the pics...

    ...of the moon landers? Sure the LRO will be able to see them...

  2. Moss Icely Spaceport

    I demand....

    ...a full 3d virtual moon-walk experience on the internet.

    And I want it for free.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    3D Moon

    3D on my PC huh! I hope it's not red/green 3D - I threw away my free 3D glasses that were on the front of The Eagle many many years ago. I knew I should have kept hold of those from the cinema when we went to see Coraline

  4. Greg J Preece

    Car/Moon Pic

    Gave me a giggle.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Why has it taken this long?

    We all know that it's a film set in the dessert

  6. Richard Cartledge
    Black Helicopters

    Moon landing? What moon landing?

    There was no moon landing 40 years ago, they've just given up trying 'again' after wasting biilions$ and that's using today's technology, not WWII tech.

  7. LuMan

    Close Relationship

    So, basically, Google can either ensure that the resolution is just too low to make out the Lander, flag, crisp packet and assorted paraphenalia Neil and Buzz left up there, or use state of the art technology to add such evidence, thus perpetuating the myth that the Americans were the first to set foot on the Green Cheese Satellite (when we all know it was the ancient Egyptians!!).


  8. Adrian Esdaile
    Black Helicopters

    Proof there was no moon landing.

    Simple - the MOON ITSELF is a conspiracy by Microsoft, Apple, Monsanto, Majestic 12, Ocean's 11 and the US. (there should be an icon with a skeleton dressed as Uncle Sam, all the cool protesters have 'em). The moon was originally invented in 1957 as a Coco-Cola advertisment, but they lost control of it. It was then taken over by a consortium of tobacco and toothpaste manufacturers to project mind-control "LAZORZ" and to act as a source of fluroidation. It was sold to Monsanto and M$ to develope a joint Operating System / Genetically Modified Fertilizer that would enslave the world.

    @Richard Cartledge - the WAS NO moon 40 years ago, so of course they haven't been there!

    Nor have any of the so-called space flights ever taken place - the Shuttle just goes up a mile or two, flies out to sea then THEY land it a few days later, after some blurry and staticy pictures claiming THEY are in space, then it lands in the desert, and NO-ONE is allowed to go near it, otherwise it would be obvious it hadn't been to space.

    Challenger blew up because THEY had to do it; otherwise Christina McCauliffe would have blown the whistle.

    If fact, you'll also find that even the SEA is a conspiracy, what with all of these spurious "claims" and "hypotheses" about how deep it is. It's actually only about 30ft deep, but THEY don't want you to know it's prefectly safe to swim to the Carribean for holidays. If you do, you'll find the flying cars, blue ambrosia foods, and aliens THEY have been covering up.

    The Bermuda Triangle is a CONSPIRACY too; THEY don't want you to now IT'S ACTUALLY THE BERMUDA OCTAGON!

    It's ALL a CONSPIRACY and THEY don't want you to know.

  9. hplasm Silver badge

    Moon landing? What moon landing? #


    WWII ? What WWII? Oh the one that lasts 90mins and is won by the USA?

    The USA doen't exist, you know, it's all movie tricks...

  10. Yorkshirepudding


    baaahahhaaa best photochop i seen in ages

    looking forward to this 3d moon thing though

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