back to article Cisco taps chief strategy officer

Networking giant and server wannabe Cisco Systems has elevated Ned Hooper - currently its senior vice president of corporate development and consumer - to the expanded role of chief strategy officer. Hooper has been at Cisco for the past eleven years and came to the company when Cisco acquired Lightspeed International in …


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To 42 Server and Protect and Spin Californication

"as Cisco tries to become a player in the server racket " .... Timothy, I admire your forthright deadly accurate reporting.

MeThinks it is some New Faces Cisco Needs to Feed ITs AIDream Team. True Masters of the Story Telling Art who could even Sells the Sun to Networking Apache Natives. Hell, do that Right and Obama and Wall Street will be Beating a Path to Arnie's Holywood Door/Portal.

And No, IT isn't Difficult to Do whenever you are, and have a Networking Giant for Command and Control of Computers and Communications. Really, Trust Me. Would I Dare 42 Win Win and Tell You a Lie?

That would be Simply Stupid and I aint either.:-)

It is also something which Mr Cameron desperately needs for his Director of Communications team too for the present supposed firecracker has turned out to be a planted damp squib.


Er... To42?

Too Many G&Ts And Too Much Capitalization?

Lordy, I remember Ned when he was a fresh-faced young product manager with a $1/port product for doing SS7 interconnect for dial-up Internet. Oh, so long ago. Good on yer, Ned.

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