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Following months of Dick Tracy jokes and speculation over its launch, LG has finally confirmed that its watchphone will be available in the UK next month. LG_Watch_04 LG's GD910: in the UK next month The LG Touchscreen Watch Phone – also know as the GD910 – will be sold by Orange in the UK, but only for a “limited time …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    What are Orange playing at?

    their mainstream selection of phones has been weak (to put it mildly) since the RAZR's (remember them?) glory days, and shoving a gimmicky bauble at the top of the tree while still trying to pretend that a Blackberry is in some way going to sway the iPhone-hungry hordes isn't going to do a great deal to rectify this.

    Still, I suppose they could think up some more stupid names for their price plans in lieu of actual deckchairs to rearrange.

  2. eJ2095

    Battery life

    Wonder what it is on this?

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Hardly a new idea!

    Is this watch/phone so much better than the sWaP which is already on the market? I wouldn't imagine the camera on the LG is that great anyway...,10522

    Free on fairly a "low" price plan

  4. Andy Watt

    Hell-ooooo wrist cancer.

    Avoid. Either this thing is powerful enough to get a signal anywhere, in which case a 2G voice call will fry your wrist (a 3G call would only microwave it at low intensity unless you're right on the edge of a cell and the cell noise floor is low anyway), or the reception will be miserable and it'll be utterly unusable.

    Pants idea. FAIL.

  5. The Avangelist
    Thumb Up

    honestly I would

    totally buy this. I have been waiting for decades for this to become reality. Why not take the gamble and release it on a contract FOC like everything else?

    If I didn't have to pay for out outright I would be on the waiting list.

    Next year - bionic eye! come on!

  6. Tony Smith (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: Hell-ooooo wrist cancer.

    This is utter nonsense. World+Dog would all have cancer of the palm if this were the case. Enough scaremongering.

  7. Kev K

    Hello Orange

    I am so moving my personal phone to orange to have one of these.

    Want this now

    I have been looking for a new toy for ages


  8. Paul Hates Handles

    Calling Dick Tracey...

    Most of the LG phones seem to be a bit naff, and I can't see this being an exception. When will Orange get phones on offer that don't suck? Even the Blackberrys they offer which are actually in stock are the crappier ones in the range...

  9. Ihre Papiere Bitte!!

    @ Tony Smith 11:43

    "Re: Hell-ooooo wrist cancer.

    This is utter nonsense. World+Dog would all have cancer of the palm if this were the case. Enough scaremongering."

    Never thought about cancer of the palm being an issue with this idea*. Always poo-poo'd it on the basis that the guy who first put this forward refused to show anyone else any of his methodologies, conclusive test results etc - and nobody else anywhere could replicate them. I'm always suspicious of scientists who work like that. Hello, climate change scientists, I'm looking at you as well...!

    *I can't call it more than an "idea" due to the lack of any kind of evidence aside from the anecdotal, which has as much reliability as the "it must be the kebab that made me ill... couldn't have been the fifteen pints and five rounds of sambucas...." kind.

    Your foster parents are dead. They used a mobile phone. Ergo, it was the mobile phone that killed them, not the robot from the future with the bladed arms.

  10. Sachin

    You are having a laugh!!!

    For LG to give the exclusivety to Orange means they do not have high hopes for the phone. Orange once an excellent Operator is now the laughing stock of the Telecommunication industry. They've been on the downside ever since FT took control. Once an Orange customer, never will be one ever again...

  11. Master Baker
    Thumb Up

    The future

    Next we'll be making calls via our condom(s). Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelo! My my, what an echo! Reception might be shit though.

    The camera would, erm, come in use... left a bit, right a bit... found it :-)

  12. Graham Bartlett
    Paris Hilton

    Re: Hell-ooooo wrist cancer.

    Cancer of the palm? That should be the least of your worries - most people carry their phones in their trouser pockets, in close proximity to rather more, ahem, *sensitive* areas...

    Although for those who do reproduce this fact-free scaremongering, we can but wish that their phone would irradiate their nads sufficiently to render them sterile, thereby preventing stupidity being inherited by the next generation.

    Paris, because she knows what to do with her palm...

  13. Anonymous Coward

    Look Like a Pratt

    It's bad enough watching people on bluetooth looking like they are talking to themselves, but a person talking to their wrist?

  14. Ebeneezer Wanktrollop

    Non tossers need not apply

    Really, would you wear this tosstastic timepiece? Even Roj Blake would turn his curly mop Westwards at the thought of having this spectacular cockclock adorn his person.

    If I see anyone wearing this, talking to his / her wrist like a member of some spoonfed galactic landing party - I'll urinate on them. I will - promise.

  15. J Ford
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    Science delivers!

    I need to get one of these, and then whizz about on a BMX solving crimes with the assistance of similarly equipped accomplices, before returning to my bedroom lair with the dial-up modem on dexian shelving. Technology is at last catching up with 70's children's TV.

    Now, about that flying car....

    (can we have a flying car icon please?)

  16. This post has been deleted by its author

  17. Anonymous Coward

    I may have...

    ...considered this as, much like 'The Avangelist', have been waiting since Mr. The-Hoff took the role as Michael Knight.

    But for a grand!!!????


    I'm an Orange contract customer right now and also feel their selction leaves a lot to be desired, having had to recently settle for an LG arena KM900, which is getting ever closer to having an accident. An acident involving me, my phone and a 12lb lump hammer...

    Mine's the one with the spare £1000 in the pocket for something a bit more worth while.

  18. Dave Murray
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    /me drools

  19. Greg J Preece

    Knock-offs already available

    My mate's been wearing a £60 version of this for a few weeks now...

  20. Justabloke 1
    Thumb Down


    Once Orange have polluted this neat little toy with their shiteware we'll be lucky if it still tells the time.

    My renoir has been so fecked up by Orange Shiteware I can't use the GPS unless its via their poxy "map" application although the phone will happily run google maps BUT NOT over WiFi. In fact the wiFi is so crippled as to make it pointless; It wont run any browser over wifi except opera mini and they've fecked the interface of that as well.The music player has to reload all its data each time I want to use it... yeah thats right all 7.5 gigs of music s I get about 10 mins of thumb twiddling.

    Once my contract is up, I'm gone. I'd rather pay an extra 10 quid a month and have a phone that can do all the things its makers intended it do.

  21. Blake Davis

    Title What?

    Where is the finger-in-the-ear bone induction model? I don't want to wear a headset or talk to a speaker!

  22. whitespacephil
    Big Brother

    @Lord/Justabloke 1

    Have you considered rebranding? Sounds to me like you've got a C905 and believe me, it makes a real difference.

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ The Avangelist

    One bionic eye, coming right up...

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    nothing new

    watch phones have been knocking about in china for ages. i don't think any of them are much good, mind. but at least they're not sold at an "exclusive price point".

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ... will you please stop sniffing the solvent, and finish crippling the N97 firmware (to block the VOIP over wifi), exactly as you did with the N95... Then I can upgrade to one, change the model number, flash the new firmware and get it all back again... Just as I did with the N95.

  26. Ben Boyle
    Thumb Down

    If this becomes available...

    ...on Orange before the HTC Hero (still waiting, Orange!) then I will be incredibly pissed off.

  27. Justabloke 1



    I've looked into having it rebranded but they can't do the Renoir (yet!)... I did have my viewty done and that made all the difference.

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