back to article Microsoft weighs next-phase in open-source support

Microsoft's, shall we say, cautious engagement with open-source could mean frameworks like Spring and Hibernate are the next projects tuned to Windows. Sam Ramji, director of the open-source development lab, in a recent interview pointed to the rise in what he called "micro frameworks" and their importance. "It's something we …


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Call me cynic...

so Microsoft will be VERY helpful and create an easy to use tool for open source development. When there is a critical mass of apps being used that require these tools all support will be pulled leaving only paid for Microsoft products with the ability to support all those freely developed products.

Maybe even patent lawsuits to really get people who depend on these apps to move to Microsoft products.

History repeating itself? Anyone.....Anyone?

Gates Horns

@John J

I don't think that's what they're up to.

They've taken it into their heads that as long as they control the base system (Windows) then they can maintain their vendor-lockin in the wider ecosystem.

Just as long as everyone everywhere uses windows for everything.

Thumb Down

Microsoft and Open Source, Joke right?

This is insane.

MS just wants to be in the press. They have 100% focus on destroying any and all competitors.

I believe this as much as I believe that Elvis lives...

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