back to article Iomega eGo 320GB pocket external hard drive

Iomega has re-invented its eGo portable hard drives, opting for a 'value-added' theme: when you purchase the 'PS' (Protection Suite) edition of an eGo, you get a bundle of backup and data security software included, plus slimmer, ruggedised hardware and the promise of a three-year warranty. Iomega eGo Iomega's new eGo: …


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Drop test

My WD portable (can't remember the model but it's less than a year old) had absolutely no problem when I forgot it was in my jacket pocket and said jacket suffered a sizeable flying impact into a brick wall

The case broke (the outer edging came away and I can't get it back in place) but none of the data was missing/corrupt and the unit has been working as new with no issues

It's also suffered a few nights out with me where my attraction to the floor has overwhelmed me

Am I just lucky or are HDs just not as impact-sensitive as they used to be? Incidentally I've dropped my Vaio so many times the chassis has actually bent, but still no HD damage

Maybe I should just stop dropping things :-|

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