back to article Sony to bring PS2 compatibility back to PS3?

Sony has applied for a series of patents that have sparked speculation that the electronics giant is about to bring back backward compatibility to the PlayStation 3. The proto-patents all centre on processor emulation, and refer to techniques that could be used to allow the Cell-based PS3 to run software developed for the PS2' …


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$ony's backwards compatibility Hokey Cokey...

..."In, out, in, out, fuck everyone about."

Some of Sony's previous comments on the subject:

1. "Backwards compatibility is a core value of Playstation now."

2. "We're not going to remove backwards compatibility."

3. "We're not going to cut the price for two years."

4. "We removed backwards compatibility to cut the price."

5. "We removed backwards compatibility to make people buy PS3 games, NOT to lower the price."

6. "We removed backwards compatibility as a result of consumer feedback."

7. "We removed backwards compatibility to spend the money on developing new games."


PS3 roadblocks

In order of importance:

1) $299 price point, with all current features intact. (ports, options, connections, Blue Ray, user replaceable drives, every single existing feature). Making it smaller is nice only if they do NOT cripple it;s connectivity and options.

2) PS2 compatability reintroduced. Hardware or software based makes no difference to me.

3) upgrade to Wireless N. c'mon, its time. LEAVE the NIC port there though...

4) Native Hulu and NetFlix Apps. Using the browser suxx for this.

5) Them to stop being cheap and put an damned HDMI cable in the box...

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About time

I think Sony removing PS2 backward compatibility was one of the worse decisions amongst a lot of bad decisions they made.

What happens to all the people that have purchased a PS3 with no backward compatibility? I bet they're going to be annoyed and are going to feel very cheated.

If you're going to make a decision even a bad one you have to stick by that decision.


Too little, too late ....

Title says it all.

I bought a PS3 second-hand and three months later it had been sold on for a nice profit - no PS2 backward compatibility and a piss-poor collection of games were the nails in the coffin. There's no way in hell I'd have paid full whack for one.

It's still a mystery to me how Sony could get the PS3 so disasterously wrong on so many levels. For now, I'll stick with my old slimline PS2 and the white box from Redmond.

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