back to article Nokia pulls memory-gobbling Java overhaul

Nokia has completely rewritten its Java implementation for S60 devices, linking the new Java environment with Ovi as well as improving performance at an apparent cost of greater memory consumption. The new Java implementation is currently a beta release, though no problems have been reported except the additional memory …


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If only they overhauled the ENTIRE java language not to be a memory hog and less prone to petulant lock ups. Sigh.

We use java at work and I'll summarize my experiences with it:

If it doesn't crash massively needing a server reboot, it locks up any browser embedded apps needing you to reopen all the tabs manually.

Any time it hits more than 100 MB of RAM usage, it dies badly.

Every version is so special, that I need to have 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6 installed.

I hate Java.

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Great stuff

Nice to see Java has such strong support here, unlike the crApple counterpart.


Java vs Native

>> reasonable argument against doing any native Symbian development at all

Most people I talk to who have used JavaME in anger have come to the conclusion that it's a bit of a toy language with so many bugs in the native interfaces that it has probably wasted millions of man hours of development time with projects starting in JavaME and then being re-written in C++ because the limitations/bugs could not be worked around.

I found 4 crippling memory leaks which would mean an application running in the background could not last for more than a few hours.

The HTTP support is atrocious with no timeout, no ability to cancel a request. And even simple things like fetching IMEI/IMSI or battery charge state are "banned" for 3rd parties. The official line is that you should write a C++ deamon which talks over a local socket to the java code but this is unproven and buggy :

- doesn't work in flight mode on some devices

- Packaging a JAR and a SIS file together is really messy since you may need both symbian singed and java certificates.

- Who knows if symbian signed would pass the above.

If a large % of developers are doing the above just to get the IMSI, creating really unstable apps along the way,then it doesn't make sense to close it off.

The big hope with the new java code is that it should be updatable OTA which means that if nokia are responsive, there might be a chance that commercial/enterprise grade sw will be feasible on java mobile. That is as long as the operators keep away from the security model


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Java sucks

My employer decided that all our main line of business applications should run in browsers so that means Java

Its slow and as one of the commenters said above, so specialised I've had to turn off auto updates to retain 1.5, if I install anything more up to date the apps through a wobbler.



Sure, fix up the fancy schmancy phones I can't even buy in this bloody country yet, and completely forget models like the N95, that suffer from constant crashing and data corruption problems. I'm lucky I can still make calls on it after the last so called 'update'.

Oh sure, could take it to a service point, at a price of their choosing, no thanks.

Oh and I hate Java too.

Thanks for the new icons Reg


Re. Java Sucks

> My employer decided that all our main line of business applications should run in browsers so that means Java

Or AJAX. Or Flash/Flex. It's pretty rare that anyone uses Java in the browser any more. As a language for server based apps, Java is fine. As a language for standalone apps it's ok, though Swing can be a pain.

But browser based? I think your employer must come from an alternate universe where they do things differently.


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Haha haha haha haha

"... the two devices are already prone to memory shortages. ..."

Nokia <sigh!>

That is all.

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