back to article Bull waves red flag at HPC with blade supers

Having seen its partner Sun Microsystems get the bulk of the 200 teraflops Juropa supercomputer blade cluster deal at Forschungszentrum Jülich, French server maker Bull is trying to position itself as the European favorite for future deals at places such as FZJ with a new line of Xeon-based blade supers called bullx. Yes, they …


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15% UPS waste? Really?

I'll let others comment on the ridiculous name and make a couple of serious comments:

- If your simulation has been running for 2 months, you really should have been taking snapshots periodically.

- If you were powering your system by charging a battery from the mains and then switching over to power the processor from the battery, then a 15% loss in that process would be impressively good (30% is more likely). But a UPS should not be operating like that: the only loss should be the energy needed to trickle-charge the batteries, which should be tiny. If your UPS is not operating in that way you should fix your UPS, not re-architect your power system around it.


Mon Dieu (Bullx)

Ces't un load of old B*llocks, n'est pas ?

Did they think this branding through at all.

Like the McDonalds Big Tasty - how does that order sound in a Yorkshire accent - "Have you got two big testies?"



Well, Bullx could be a reference to young Bulls - Bullocks, but typical of the french to miss this classic 'interpretation' ;-)

On a pedantic note, 10 x 10 is not 1000!

"...a 42U rack with 108 blades will peak out at around 10 teraflops. So, ten racks of these puppies and you are at 1 petaflops,"

!0 racks of 10 Teraflops = 100 Teraflops

100 racks of 10 Teraflops = 1000 Teraflops, or 1 Petaflop :-)

This topic is closed for new posts.


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