back to article Garmin wrestles with failing satnavs

Garmin has landed itself in a sticky situation following a spate of complaints claiming the the firm's satnavs are faulty. Over the past few days, rather a lot of Garmin Nüvi 7x5 satnav owners have written in online forums that their devices suddenly started having difficulties finding satellites or updating their firmware. …


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faulty firmware?

I have a NUVI 250 (i think thats the model, im in work, its in the car =-) )

recently its started shouting at me to update it as its a year old and the camera positions/limits/maps need updating.

After a massive amount of time fiddling, theyre software finally admitted that my sat nav was plugged in. and then promptly BSOD'd my lappy. marvelously it then preseded to BSOD at startup untill after further fiddling i managed to uninstall it in safemode and now all seems fine (couple of months ago)

Satnavs still not updated, just making do atm. Probably get tomtom for my iphone instead!



... would never admit such a fault ! TMC issues since day one, TomTom blame the UK radio network (which, to be fair, is poor) even though Garmin units in the same location can get TMC data.

I'll wait until someone relases a proper trun-by-turn solution for the iPhone 3GS (i.e. data held on the device)... it might even make use of the compass which would be nice for walking navigation.

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