back to article Red Hat jacks takeover price with 11% revenue leap

Commercial Linux distributor Red Hat is doing its best to be one of the few businesses in IT where sales and profits are both growing. And that's making it a more expensive takeover target. In its first quarter of fiscal 2010, ended on May 31, Red Hat's sales rose by 11.3 per cent to $174.4m, with subscription sales up 13.8 …


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go red hat

glad that they are doing well, good luck to them!

My firm is so stuck with red hat that moving platform isn't even on the cards. Not surprised that the "big 25" stuck with them. The big move coming up at work is from RHEL4 to RHEL5 - gcc changes from 3.4.x to 4.3.y and everyones worried their code will break (can't quite remember what x and y are and don't really feel like finding out)

Bit of a debian fanboi myself, but have to hand it to red hat - their stack works, and it works globally on distributed grids/clouds/next-buzz-word-for-a-fcuking-big-farm

Bit concerned about MySQL (and VirtualBox [other article yesterday/bottom of the page]) - they're dead now - surely. Maybe red hat sees a market. Ah well, whatever, Oracle runs our DBs anyhow so I guess we backed the "winning teams".

I'm going to pick a pint icon and raise it to red hat (and el reg for getting some more icons)



Good to see someone doing well in this economic climate.

I'm trying to achieve a RedHat / JBoss combo for our production systems (half way there, Win2k3 / JBoss) and we're buying training from them too. I can't frickin' wait.

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A take over, no thanks.

The last thing we (Redhat's customers) need is for a hardware vendor to buy Redhat. That would be very bad. Redhat's strength is that it will install on virtually any kit from any vendor, which gives its customers huge choice and flexibility and maximises Redhat's opportunities for routes to market. How long do you think IBM and HP would tolerate Redhat being the dominant Linux distribution on their servers if it were owned by Dell? It would be good for SuSE and Ubuntu, but a disaster for Redhat.

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Go RedHat 2!

Good news, just hope no-one does buy them! Not so sure about the idea that Dell have to buy an OS as I'm not convinced an integrated stack and hardware is the way to go when both Linux and Windows are designed to perform well on a range of commodity hardware. Sounds very much like the old "buy UNIX over Linux because proprietary hardware and proprietary software must be better than cheap hardware and free software" argument. As the rise of x86 and Linux has shown, away from the ivory towers often good enough and cheap beats "better" but expensive in the cold reality of the commercial World.

/Smugly happy troll icon!

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@Matt Bryant

A troll - how appropriate.


hpux on itanic

matt bryant ~ Sounds very much like the old "buy UNIX over Linux because proprietary hardware and proprietary software must be better than cheap hardware and free software" argument

i've only heard that sorry argument from people who advocate hpux on itanic

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RE: Go RedHat 2! #

/Point, laugh, Troll!!! Laugh some more... HA HA HA!!!

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