back to article Louisiana judge holds Dell in contempt

A Louisiana judge found Dell in contempt of court Thursday after berating the eponymous computer vendor for making a "mockery" of the system though haphazard retrieval of evidence for a lawsuit that alleges corruption in the city of New Orleans' crime-camera program. The Associated Press reports that Judge Rosemary Ledet …


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re: Judge holding dell in contempt

He ain't the only one...



"$2,700 bill at a strip club"

What, did he hire the entire place out privatly or something?

Thats a helluva big bill.

*Beer, cos he can afford it. (shove it on the card, mate?)

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My "friends" tell me...

...that it's surprisingly easy to blow several grand in a strip club - esp if the employees know you're drunk and they run amok with your credit card.

Meanwhile, this is a good thing for two reasons: firstly, Louisiana has always been an incredibly corrupt state (half the reason why Katrina's impact and aftereffects were so nightmarish) so the more investigation of dodgy deals and the more it is highlit that "no, as a matter of fact you can't give kickbacks", the better.

But also, smartarse lawyers abusing the discovery process is a real problem in litigation - either failing to hand over relevant material or "dumptruck disclosure"where you try to drown the relevant stuff in an ocean of dross - which is what seems to the case here. It perverts justice and racks up the costs for no purpose. I would recommend Charles Yabon's article "Stupid Lawyer Tricks: An Essay on Discovery Abuse" to anyone on this issue - it's both very funny and very accessible to anyone who's not a lawyer.


Corruption in Louisiana?

Say it ain't so! You'll say there's corruption in British politics, next!

Mine's the one with Hayek's "Road to Serfdom" in the pocket

Black Helicopters

So, what we have here is

one corrupt manufacturer in New Orleans suing another corrupt manufacturer in New Orleans via corrupt and incompetent officials in New Orleans and even more corrupt lawyers who are licensed to practice roulette, I mean law, in New Orleans.

Or as they would say, just another day on the bayou.

Not an especially big fan of Dell, but at least their corruption would have cost the city less.


I blame the frogs

And the gators and crawdads and whatever else lives in that state.

What did you think I would say?

Anonymous Coward

Dell maing a mockery of the court

And it isn't?

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