back to article Seagate polishes BlackArmor range

Seagate has added low-end models to the BlackArmor range and is introducing a 640GB 2.5-inch FreeAgent drive. The BlackArmor NAS range was announced in March, with two models offering automatic and continuous backup for up to 50 PCs. The 4-bay, 4-drive NAS 440 offered 4 - 8TB capacity using Barracuda SATA drives. The NAS 240 …


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Having returned for warranty replacement four Seagate drives in the last year, I no longer trust their drives to do anything but fail on a regular basis. They replaced the drives with refurbished ones and one of refurbished drives was one of the four failures.

I now keep their nice little shipping boxes for future returns.

These people have a long way to go to get back on top, or even near the top in my opinion; the four returned drives speak for themselves. Their products may be better but I'll never know. New drives I buy are of a different brand.

He who puts all his backup or RAID capacity in a single manufacturer is planning on disaster whether he knows it or not.

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