back to article Nokia to use Intel mobile chips?

Nokia is to start using Intel chips in its mobile devices, it has been claimed. Intel is certainly making what it calls a "significant" announcement this afternoon, but Bloomberg said this morning that someone tipped it off that Anand Chandrasekher, the senior VP and General Manager of Intel's Ultra Mobility Group, will say …


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I can see it now!

The year is 2011, netbooks are powered by ARM, phone's powered by Atom. Oh how the tables will have turned.

Good move by Intel, people only upgrade their PC's every 5-10 years, while phones are replaced every 2 years.

Paris Hilton

not a smartphone

maybe nokia is building something that needs to run windows? like perhaps a netbook or something like that. I can't see nokia putting an intel chip into a phone, the battery life would suffer too much.

paris, cos she's as clueless as i am


Nokia becoming an irrelevance

Whatever device it is that Nokia create to put these Atoms in, there are two certainties: 1) The hardware will be nice (but not spectacular) and 2) the software they put on it will be written by chimps with a UI designed by a committee who have no concept of UI standards or Human Computer Interface best practice.

Services such as Ovi will be included as an afterthought rather than deeply integrated, and the community surrounding the device will be counted on the fingers of one hand.

It's funny that SE offloaded their Symbian interest to Nokia for a nice wodge of cash only to hitch up with Android - the SE execs must have been laughing all the way to the bank. The sooner Nokia admits it can't write software (which I suppose it has done by open sourcing Symbian, but is anyone really interested in that now?) the sooner it might actually turn around it's fortunes, because the next few years are looking decidely bleak for the bumbling Finnish giant.


Is that the bumbling giant

that is still the largest moble phone company by far, producing the widest range of phones for all price ranges and has just released the flagship N97 which does far more than an iPhone can even dream of? Yeah Ovi might be shite but a lot of apps on all of the sites are five minute wonders at most. Book a restaurant after reading the reviews? Fart noises? Zen stones? Wow! Nice to see that Nokia are still trying to be innovative and looking to do new things. Android? Yeah, think I'll wait and see about that. Not yet proven.


@Is that the bumbling giant

Have you actually tried an N97? It's based on OMAP2, which is very much last years technology, and it's got a horrible touchscreen saddled to Symbian S60 which is creaking at the seams. I've used one, and it's very much a "meh" device - nothing special, certainly nowher near as impressive as competing devices (Apple, Palm, HTC)

Innovate? Nokia? Don't make me laugh, they're just playing catch up right now and haven't "innovated" for years.

In under 2 years Android has acquired a bigger following, development community and general support than Nokia + Maemo have achieved in 3-4 years. Maemo is still a pile of festering sh1te, part open source/part closed source with Nokia calling the shots, making p1ss poor design decisions and not understanding what open source development is all about.

The iPhone had more apps available for it within just a few days than Maemo, despite the iPhone not having any form of development kit available until much later. Yes, many of those iPhone apps are rubbish, but the same applies to all mobile platforms and Maemo is no exception, or Symbian for that matter.

Symbian is going nowhere unless Nokia revamp it top to bottom, but Maemo could be something if Nokia pull their finger out and develop the quality apps to go with the Linux OS (the stock apps on Maemo are pretty dire). The lack of any PIM functionality also leaves Maemo based tablets as toys/tinkerer devices rather than anything more serious.

Apple on the other hand have good hardware and a very good OS and applications. Palm look to have made a decent return with the Pre and WebOS. Nokia? Looking like a "fail" to me.

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