back to article VMLogix plugs virt jukebox into Amazon cloud

As they move to virtual environments, one of the things that IT shops need is a jukebox that stores all gold images for software stacks used in development, testing, and production. The programs that do this are called lab managers - because they were initially used in software development labs that were the early adopters of …


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Platform reference for VMLogix LabManager

Dear Timothy,

Thank you for your post on VMLogix LabManager Cloud Edition.

Your catch about the platform support reference on the website for our on premise product is a good one - we've updated it. We do support Citrix XS 5.0 or higher, Microsoft Hyper-V (including experimental support for Hyper-V R2 Beta) and VMware ESX 3.5.

Furthermore, we will be adding VMware vSphere and vCenter Server integration in a matter of weeks. If any of your readers are interested, they can visit to request for a free trial license.

Thanks again.

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