back to article Satnav technology becomes self-aware

Satnavs are smart gadgets but they can’t drive on your behalf. So software firm Journey Dynamics has designed the next best thing: a GPS box that apparently learns your motoring habits and then selects the best route for your various journeys. The firm claimed that its MyDrive application analyses “tens of thousands of …


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  1. jonandmarkuk
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    Nothing new

    Navigon added this feature back in May with the launch of it's new GPS Units.

    Navigon call it 'myRoutes' and over a period of time driving (8hours I believe) the unit will start to suggest routes based on the type of roads you tend to drive and your average speed is taken to calculate a more accurate arrival time.

    Being a software developer I doubt Navigon would have purchased this feature from a different company.

  2. Dale Richards

    Correct me if I'm wrong...

    ...but this is a sat nav that slowly learns how to direct you using the routes you already know?

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