back to article Google and Facebook jump on bloodstained Iran wagon

Google has begun offering Persian translations and Facebook has rebadged some of its features into Farsi. Both firms claim the action is in direct response to events in Iran, not the publicity achieved by micro-blog firm Twitter. Google Translate now includes a Persian ALPHA service. Facebook's blog post on the move notes …


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hardly matters

to the majority working class who were happy with outcome of this supposedly disputed election

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the first time as tragedy, the second time as Farsi?

But Mr. McCafferty is likely right.


Ah democracy in the Arab world......

Isn't it amazing how they sound just like their cousins in Africa....

They too cannot accept the massive Ego demotion when they lose an Election

Anyone want to put odds on which of the time honored solutions or 5 'o clock shadowed friend chooses to react???

I would offer money on the odds but the saying of throwing good money after bad has been bandied about the office too much lately..

Power to the ... er people.

AC for obvious reasons

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