back to article Dell grows Intel 'Nehalem EP' iron

Server makers continue to expand their server lineups for Intel's four-core 'Nehalem EP' Xeon 5500 processors, and today, it was Dell's turn to roll out some new boxes: two new tower servers and a low-end rack server. After doing some arm twisting or pleading with Intel executives (or maybe both), Dell was able to preview its …


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Paris Hilton

Where is the deal on the R410?

Being a UNIX guy maybe I lack some basic understanding, but where is the deal on the R410?

You could get a much better machine from -say- HP (DL380G6 491332-001) for 3,5k [1], and though IBM doesn´t disclose prices on the x3650M2, I know we pay a lot less than 5k for a pretty decent 3650M2 (but I´m not allowed to tell you how much ;)).

What did I miss?

Paris, because of confusion.

[1]ok, without a drive, but you´ll surely be able to find one for the 1500 USD difference.

Dead Vulture


feeds and speeds indeeds

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