back to article Cisco spruces media hub, declares consumer love

Cisco on Tuesday quietly updated its Linksys by Cisco line of networked home entertainment products and loudly trumpeted its expansion into consumer electronics products. The Linksys by Cisco Media Hub - which we reviewed shortly after its introduction that this year's Consumer electronics show - will now ship with Mac …


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This thing can have as much storage as Shurguard but until they put an optical drive built into the machine i see no point in getting one!

The Asus EeeNAS will part with my money as it uses Linux, has 1TB or storage and an Optical drive built in!

Stevie as he knows a consumer experience when he sees one

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Cisco's record iin this sector is laughable

Look at Cisco's recently discontinued DMA2100 and DMA2200 Media Center Extenders. Despite constant pleas from users in the support forums for such simple additions as "Wake on LAN" and proper support for DivX (the device plays Xvid, and will happily play DivX if you change the fourcc header), nothing was ever forthcoming. Not so much as an acknowledgement. If it wasn't for the fact that posts critical of Cisco as a company were deleted in short order, you'd swear that nobody at the company ever read the support forums (they certainly nevr answered any questions).

If that experience is anything to go by, I wouldn't touch any "Home Entertainment" devices from Cisco with a barge pole. They might have 50% of the home networking maket, but when was the last time you heard someone saying "I wish my router could do ....". If you're not able to respond to that sort of request, stay out of the Home Entertainment market, where that sort of request will occur.

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