back to article Iran's nuke boffins prefer Opteron baby supers

So what technology does Iran's Aerospace Research Institute use to help it develop rockets that will presumably be used to give it the capability to launch nuclear weapons? Why, the same exact technology that boffins the world over have chosen to do their sometimes nefarious research, of course. Last December, according to a …


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Take you for this Dick Cheney innuendofest

"ARI, of course, makes no mention of nuclear weapons in reference to its rockets, and according to its projects listing says that it is creating a sounding rocket, which is a sub-orbital rocket designed to carry scientific instruments to high altitudes."

Yes. Neither does the IAEA, which continues to verify the non-diversion of any nuclear material in Iran.

The only ones to cry "wolf" over Iran "nukes" are:

1) Israelis, who apparently need some sort of permanent siege mentality heroin fix

2) The US politicians under influence of Israelis (secret services being more circumspect) and probably still steaming along ex-commander Cheney's "confronting Iran" course. Luckily he got told by his generals before he could act on that.

3) The Europeans under influence of the US

"Iran is not supposed to be able to get its hands on information technology made in the United States. (Or Germany, where the AMD chips are actually made.)"

Yes. If you really want to say something, you might consider telling people that this is embargo is totally illegal as Iran is and continues to be in compliance with its NPT IAEA Safeguards Agreement. Which is more than can be said of certain other countries that haven't even bother to join the NPT.


This article is a joke right?

You seriously think the Iranians have "difficulty" getting their hands on mobos and chips? Why would they?

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Update from ARI

We are planning a substantial sounding rocket series next year.

About 200 of them.



Ignoring of course.

that the sect uf Islam that the government is from prohibits the use of nuclear Weaponry (Only Allah is the only one that should have that much powers, as they believe).

This machine may not be all that big and powerful, but it would get the job done. Its a good piece of kit considering that they can't just ring up a proper super comuter company and ask for one.


Who needs nukes?

You can tip your MRBMs with gas, cluster bombs, incendiaries, lolcats, Democrats - pretty much anything, really.

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