back to article Comet opens e-car power car park

If you're delaying the purchase of a leccy car because of the cost of the juice, then electrical retailer Comet may have a solution: free power. Comet_EV_01 Plug it in while you load it up From today, Comet will offer customers free e-car power from "Plug & Go" points located in the car park of its Purley Way superstore in …


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  1. KazR


    "Hugh Harvey, Managing Director of Comet, hinted that the firm may even add e-cars to its shelves in the future"

    Better get some stronger shelves then.

    ahem........ i'll be off then.

  2. Robin

    The State That We Are In

    "It hasn’t been confirmed, yet, if you’ll have to buy something before Comet will grant you access to its charge points"

    "Comet expects customers to use the store’s e-car points for no longer than two hours, but the firm hasn’t said what it’ll do if you plug in at 9am at return at 4pm."

    Although your points are perfectly valid, it's sad that we immediately consider how schemes can be tainted by both provider and user. I've just moved away from the UK and, although I can't draw a direct comparison to this topic, schemes are generally well catered for here and people don't even think about abusing things that have been provided for their benefit.

  3. Lottie
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    It's a start

    I know that the electric car thing is highly debated, but I see this as a positive step froward to bringing the idea of non IC vehicles into public acceptance and a small step towards some sort of infrastructure to make the change over from petrolium etc smoother.

  4. John Goodwin 4

    Great idea NOT

    It will take you at least 2 hours in that store for you to find anyone helpful, possibly longer in my experience. They won't be able to find the cables for your leccy motor - because they're not on display so the inevitable response will be 'Sorry mate, if it's not on display it ain't in stock innit'

  5. Anonymous Coward

    But are they going to sell you norton with Linux ?

    Have a look at their website where if you order any Linux based netbook they try and flog you a copy of norton 360 - doh

  6. Anonymous Coward


    Am I missing something, or is this a brilliant idea?

    The country is awash with out of town shopping centres, the problem with electric cars is that they take a long time to charge, if they all had charging points no problem, and what will you do while you're charging your car? why pop into comet and probably buy something.

    Seems like a good way to spend the few pence it is costing Comet in electricity to draw in more customers and enhances the company reputation for greenness too.

  7. Hedley Phillips

    Good on them

    Good on them!

    My only concern is that they will try and sell you an HDMI power cable where a normal one would suffice.

  8. Joe Blogs

    The Problem is...

    that you just know that the Chavs & Scallys with their non electric cars will park in here once the diabled and Parent & Child places are full.

  9. bobbles31

    The electricity is free....

    but you have to buy this ridiculously overpriced gold plated cable in order to use it. The connectors in the cable will then break off after about 2 uses and you will have to buy another one.

    (Is it anti competitive to make you use a comet cable or will you be able to get one from the B&Q next door?)

  10. Nicholas Wright
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    This is excellent!

    Because if Comet is attracting customers because they know they can charge while they shop, other shops are going to have to start doing the same, just to compete.

    Before we know it - uber coverage across the UK!

  11. PunkTiger

    @Joe Blogs

    "Chavs & Scallys"... Why does that sound like a department store chain?

    I got this great Burberry strap for my Rulex watch at Chavs & Scallys. It was a steal!

  12. Danny Thompson
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    Much as I dislike Comet with a passion

    I have to applaud them on this initial step forward. May it be the beginning of the beginning, finally, after several false starts ...

    I hope the use is not restricted to EV Cars only - I would like to have access for my Vectrix at resources such as these.

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