back to article iPhone reigns at Apple design awards

The iPhone's ascent as a full-fledged development environment was in evidence Tuesday night when the 2009 Apple Design Awards were announced at the company's annual Worldwide Developers Conference. Since they were instituted in 1997 as the Human Interface Design Excellence Awards - and nicknamed the Heidi's - the Apple Design …


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Anonymous Coward

Lets be honest

The iPhone is the only thing Apple have actually done in the past few years. That and an OS they are having to give away.

Anonymous Coward

@AC please gimme a break ! ...

forthcoming snow leopard v10.6 release September gives OpenCL so graphics engines can be harnessed for other tasks, 64bit, v10.6 Returns 6Gb of footprint storage, Safari 4 that is nice and fast and with cool topsites, muticore support, enhanced stacks, better expose, Exchange integration, and many other neat enhancements for around $29 or $49 for 5 user family pack -- what's not to like?

And the growth of OSX has really lifted in the last couple of years.

This is not to detract from the many fantastic IT innovations and successes across the IT industry and field both hardware and software applications with other companies.

MacBook Pro's now have 7 hour battery life and are goof for 1000 recharges and are greener.

Many now have an SD slot more memory and disk and SSD options as well as many other enhancements and other improvements.

and there is a neat enhanced 13" white MacBook

So your claim that iPhone, and its many fast innovations and market success, 'is the only thing Apple have actually done in the past few years' is maybe a little bit unfair?

If anything Apple's speed and rate of innovation appears to be accelerating across the board and who knows what they will launch in January?

Take a look over at Apple's site, there's much more going on with Apple that you may think and its not just happening with iPhone . . .

Jobs Halo

As opposed to Microsoft??

Who probably couldn't pay most folk to use Vista!!

Anonymous Coward

Yawn - fangirls

"the growth of OSX has really lifted in the last couple of years" - yes, still nearly 10%!!!

Be honest, SL has nothing, other than alienating a lot of users, which is why they are giving it away.

v3 of the iPhone nearly catches up with the functionality of most free phones, so that would be innovation.

But it's fine, usage has nearly overtaken C64 users and it is nearly as useful to most people.

And yes - who cares what they launch in January - they will raise the prices to ensure you pay extra for it.

Anonymous Coward

75Million active OSX users

Of course Apple is a bit niche - its premium product at a premium price

were there really 75M C64 users? any anyway wasn't it a bit more of a home computer and gaming machine? in its day it was very nice environment I agree

For sure OSX is a fraction of the numbers of Windows users and Vista has challenges as probably will Windows 7 when it comes as its built on a very similar base

I like to think I'm honest and having watched the launch video OSX v10.6 SL appears to offer some great capabilities that will be relevant to me and at $29 or $49 is a brilliant choice of price point in these touch times and given it works it makes upgrading a no brainer. The low price doesn't mean it not got much or is no good.

Yes, in some ways you're right only now does iPhone catch up closely with the functionality of other smart phones. Innovation is innovation. Apple did enter the market late and this is a relatively new area.

In terms of real value, what you pay for what you get, Apple's prices are coming down.

There's plenty of available second user Apple kit available at good prices.

Often you get get what you pay for and if you don't pay and go for the freeware stuff, and there's nothing wrong with that, you don't get all the latest useful innovations.

So a big Yawn about your view and attitude!! Yes some people do care and are excited by the interesting things the Apple teams do and looking forward to the January 2010 launches.

In a few years the view Apple is just expensive or maybe a rip off will disappear. They've always been persuing great engineering and great products and that doesn't come cheap.

Trickle down means that the iPod is hardly expensive at the low end and as Mac ramps up maybe something similar will happen with Mac?

Yes, you're entitled to your interesting views!

Anonymous Coward


It's still less than 10% and getting nowhere - very fast.

"excited by the interesting things the Apple teams do" - sorry, I pissed myself at that.

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Premium product? Don't mistake a premium price tag for a quality product.

In all fairness Apple do some amazing product launches, iPhone for example has set the bar but they never manage to follow through, we get amazing advances such as copy and paste. The sad part is its competitors are incompetent enough they struggle to catch up in such areas.

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MS could learn a thing or two

I think Microsoft should have done exactly the same thing with Windows XP SP2.

When they released SP2 for XP, it was pretty much a rewrite of the kernel to implement the NX (no-execute) bit, thereby rendering buffer-overrun errors harmless. Among other things - but that was the headline change.

So they had gone to all the trouble of rewriting the core of the OS, and then released it as a free service pack.

The perception by all users was therefore that XP SP2 was a mere service pack, and not a 'new OS'. So when they released Vista at the end of 2007, everyone was screaming about how it was the first update to Windows for over six years.

If MS had instead charged a nominal fee for "Windows XP v2" and lauded it as a better Windows than Windows XP, then they would have probably been able to delay Vista until it was ready. Because lets face it - it wasn't.

And everyone knows (unfortunately) ... perception is everything.


@AC 11:30 - less than 10%....

....yeah ok no history lessons here but we all know why Microsoft has the majority and it's nothing to do with how good it's software is.

Getting nowhere fast - I think you'll find sales figures disagree. More and more educational establishments are integrating more and more Apple hardware (and Linux OS's) into their plans. That's most certainly a good sign of the changes now taking place. The general public are losing confidence in Microsoft. From conversations I have on a regular basis they are sick to death of the daily hassles they have to put up with and the uncertainties surrounding the new releases and they just want out. Apple are providing decent, reliable alternative whether the Microsoft fanbois want to accept it or not.

Finally, lets face it the phrase "iPhone killer" wasn't coined to describe a product that is classed by those in the industry as a fail.

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