back to article DOS attacks threaten mobile network security

New types of denial of service attacks threatened the security of mobile data networks, a senior telecoms security researcher warned last week. Krishan Sabnani, vice president of networking research at Bell Labs, said inherent weaknesses in the mobile IP protocol allow the launch of attacks that are relatively straightforward …


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Anonymous Coward

More info needed

Most mobile internet providers such as Orange, Vodaphone and the rest. Don't they have ther mobile devices behind proxy servers and NAT enabled gateways? thus making the attacks mentioned impossible unless you are inside the network? Sure, you could get a mobile broadband USB stick, plug it in your laptop and syn flood the network you are connect What's the big deal with that?, It's a network, devices can communicate to each other, that's the whole point.

Does syn traffic count to the data usage for the end user? could it be a way for providers to generate cash from users that just hand over money? That is probably one of the more undesirable exploits to do with such a network.

I'm rambling, I know, but I don't care, I have BattleStar Galactica season 2 to watch on DVD tonight! I'm looking forward to it. I had pasta for tea last night. Currently at my location, it is cloudy, but it doesn't look like it will rain.

Gates Halo

Sales aint braggin; its dope ya'll

Look, the way it works is like this. I send a packet of data and my skinny geek ass gets charged for it. I receive a packet of data and maybe the same - depending on how ghay my CISP (Cellular ISP for all you MoFos) is...

The rear-tards at this Bull Labs are so high on their own bullsh!t they're becomming disconnected from the real world - Ooooh looky mom; I made a pun.

Rogue cell phone; chinese on crack cocaine; its the economy stupid or usual telecommunication approach to security (pretty damn bad) - what ever way you look at it there's gonna be a big bill for someone to pay - unless you're talking fraud.

It'd be a damn site easier to bring down these cellular networks just by connecting to a Node-B (RNC) and fuX0r the thing - or better yet back my SUV into it :-)

Cloud in the head or fart in the brain!? Choose your own adventure boys and girls...

This topic is closed for new posts.


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