back to article Adobe's quarterly patch cycle to commence Tuesday

Adobe Software's new quarterly patch cycle will commence on Tuesday with an update that patches a severe vulnerability in some versions its Reader and Acrobat products. The program is part of a push by Adobe to beef up security after complaints earlier this year that the software maker was too slow in plugging security holes …


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Why not go for shit

And stop implementing this shit that means you have to sort the shit out after you have shat on it.

Hint... like it's bad enough I have to go de-construct some twats warpdom down to a text file before I can consider dealing with it.

Aww stuff it I think I'll go cook some comfort food.



Adobe's reaction to being accused of slow reactions is to make quarterly patches?

Don't strain yourself guys...

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Maybe someone can explain to me why Adobe Acrobat/Reader seem to require as many security patches as Windows? I understand that it's a vastly overbloated POS, but still, why is it so vulnerable? I personally use Foxit Reader which almost never seems to need updates. Should I be concerned or is it somehow less exposed to the evil internets and hence less likely to get attacked?

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Oh this is going to be fun

My experience of Adobe products is that they make perhaps the worst updating software in the World.

Inevitably you need to update the updater. It takes pretty much forever to get the file no matter how fast your connection. You start the updater updater - at which point you have to quit the application you've been trying to use.

It installs. Then you try to run the new version of the updater which lists a dozen different patches. You find the one with the lowest version date, it downloads (slowly), starts running, then complains this update isn't compatible with the existing version of the application.

So you exit the updater, go to the Adobe site, battle your way through layer upon layer of nonsense to get files whose names seem to be plucked from the thin air. Download those - and it's still only an hour since you fired up the original application.

Run the installer which works for a while, the progress bar gets about half way - and then it freezes - for hours. Quit the updater and try to run it again - oh but it can't because the update has been applied!

Too much trouble. I need to do some work. Start the original application again, the updater fires up to say there are patches which need to be applied - including the one you supposedly just installed. At which point you kill the updater and disable it from ever running again figuring that having a broken version of the application vulnerable to attack is much less stressful than trying to do things Adobe's way.

Oh and that's on a Mac, god only knows if it manages to be worse on Windows, but I find it hard to believe Adobe could resist additional laughs by buggering around with the Registry.

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Re: "a vastly overbloated POS"

Pun intended? As far as I can see, most of the recent extensions to Acrobat have been to enable various forms of web-like behaviour (like form filling) rather than the more mundane business of presenting documents. Memo to Adobe: this is a document reader, not a portal to an online shopping experience.

My guess is that someone at Adobe looked at Microsoft's attempts to turn IE6 into a "platform" and thought "we could do that", without realising that "that" was possibly the worst "role model" ever for a piece of software. The result is indeed a POS, but not the POS that Adobe intended.

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