back to article LaCie introduces telly-friendly external hard drive kit

LaCie has brought a pair of new releases to its LaCinema range, extending its line of TV-friendly hard drives with a minimalist black model and a separate unit that links external hard drives you already own to your telly. The LaCinema Black Record is an HD-capable HDD - it'll play 1080p content and upscale standard-definition …


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Anonymous Coward

Excellent...but add a couple of tuners to it

This looks like an excellent product, but for the UK/AUS/EUROPE etc. adding a couple of digital tuners added to it as well it would turn it into an astonishingly excellent product.

These separate DVRs are great, but more 'one box' solutions are need. Integrate a couple of Freesat and or freeview+ tuners into one of these beasts and you'll pretty much corner the DVR and PVR market.

This is a much more exciting product than LG's lacklustre blue ray freeview HDD recorder.

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