back to article Dell and the dedupe appliance conundrum

Dell is announcing a new deduplication appliance on Monday, the DL2000, while simultaneously saying dedupe will move on from a backup and appliance focus to something broader and more pervasive. What's going on? Let's essay an attempt to join up some dots in this release with previous Dell statements - and with EMC's …


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"That chimes in with ideas of multi-tiering inside arrays. So far no-one is talking much about multi-tiered DAS but we can suppose that might come. The situation seems easier to understand with networked storage than it is with DAS, since DAS implies application server CPU cycles are used in deduping which seems a poor use of server CPU cycles."

Except Sun:

Funny, I find myself saying that alot... In olther old-news, they are working on de-duping it too...

Mine's the one with the SUN logo....

Anonymous Coward


One of the great things about ZFS is that the checksums are already available for the dedupe framework.

A lot of great stuff coming for the 7000 series!

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