back to article LG intros stylish Freeview DVD recorder

If you’re yet to make the jump to Blu-ray then LG has got a stylish treat in store: a DVD recorder with integrated hard disk drive and Freeview+ support. LG_RHT497H_02 LG's RHT497H: records Freeview telly onto its 160GB HDD The RHT497H can receive over 40 digital Freeview channels - each of which you’ll be able to pause, …


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This, I'm afraid, is another 'yeah, but so what' product!

This unit is trailing behind the currently available tech on everything else but the inclusion of the Blu Ray recorder. So where are the twin digital tuners that nearly everyone wants? And where are the USB2 and WIFI connections for hooking up to your PC/Lappy?

The USB2 socket should be added as standard by now. Many people want to be able to plug in a portable hard drive or flash drive and play mpegs and DVD folders directly from these devices. And on top of that it's only got a 160gig hard drive? That's miserly apart from anything else.

Most people I know that have PVRs / Freeview recorders archived programs for the first few months of getting their new units but then they realised that it's just a waste of DVD-Rs and now stash them on the hard drive and have a clear out when the disk gets near full. You need lots of space IOW...a lot more than the pathetic 160gig offered here. That size was entry level over 4 years ago. It should be double or better, quadruple that.

Not impressed. There's definitely no wow in this, and quite frankly, it shows that LG are more than a bit behind the times. My ageing Topfield twin digital tuner freeview PVR was purchased with a 160gig hard drive years back, and when I replace it I want to replace it with a twin digital tuner dvd recorder with good connectivity. This therefore gets a fail!

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