back to article US issues revised e-voting standards

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) delivered an update on Monday to the United States' electronic voting standards, adding more requirements to test systems for accuracy and reliability and additional rules to make paper audit trails easier to review. The draft revision, known as the Voluntary Voting …


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about time

This should have been done years ago. Politicians talk a good game and do nothing until the worse case scenario occurs and then they overreact and make the problems worse. Many Democrats hated these machines because the companys that made them were big supporters of the Republican party but honestly the fraud on both sides probably evens out (dead people do tend to vote mostly Democratic especially in Chicago). Anyway everyone regardless of political party, should want the government to get its act together and avoid the clusterf_cks we have been having in almost every election since 2000 (by the way Minnesota who won the senate race?).

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democracy (or the little we still have) is still at risk

They are still not giving up on the big bucks involved in e-voting and the manipulation power it provides.

It's a time for a voter strike anywhere e-voting machines are used, me thinks.

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It seems simple to me.

Have 2 machines. made by seperate companies.

machine 1.

Touchscreen device that generates a printed card with the vote on. Random number to track the vote against the card.

machine 2.

A card reader that electronically reads the vote and registers it against the unique random number. Also displays the vote choices so the voter can confirm its correct,

Voter enters booth.

Goes to machine 1 and enters choice(s)

Takes card and put it in machine 2.

Card is then sent to old fashioned storage box.

In the event of an argument about votes you can manually count. you can also do a check using the random number to confirm that the votes are the same.

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Let's go lo-tech here.

'Voter-verifiable and machine-independent methods of recounting the vote.' How about paper and pencil to the rescue? It's used in Australia, and it works.


How about a rock?

White rock for Democrats Red rock for Republicans and then just count the rocks. Joke alert for obvious reasons.

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