back to article Sony's PS3 Motion Control demoed

Motion-controlled videogames are the order of the day at E3 this year, at least according to Microsoft and Sony. Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from Microsoft talked openly about its Xbox 360 handsfree offering – Project Natal – yesterday, and released a juicy video that highlighted all of the gizmo’s …


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Yum, but what about Project Natal?

This looks amazing but I wonder how it will compare with Xbox Project Natal which doesn't require anything to be held by the user whatsoever.

I guess the PS3 can measure distance/depth because of the varying size of the glowing ball at the end of the motion controller. So it's definately not an aesthetic decision, it's critical to guaging depth.

Both MS and Sony's projects are yummy and I can't wait to try them. I'm so pleased I didn't buy a Wii, would rather spend that money on the new hardware for my PS3 or Xbox.

Bring it on! :-)


Very nice!

Im also pleased I didnt bother buying a Wii.

I've had my PS3 from day one (uk) and was tempted buying a Wii for that little extra emersion into the games.

This looks amazing and I cant wait for it to come out!


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